Museu Marítimo de Ílhavo
The Maritime Museum of Ílhavo



Arquivo digital que documenta as campanhas bacalhoeiras desde o início do século XX


Engine room

mmi-1.jpgIt is the heart of the ship. All the equipment required to make life aboard possible is located in the engine room. The work of the engine personnel is very intense as they have to work around the clock in hard conditions due to the extreme noise and to the cramped space during each shift.
Main engine: diesel Werkspoor N.V., nº 1182, with an initial power of 1100HP, supercharged for a maximum power of 1700HP. Despite the power, the ship only reaches a maximum speed of 11 knots (about 20 km/h). The ship has the capacity for 450,000l of diesel and an average consumption of 250l/h.
Boiler: to heat the water of the heating system, is associated to the complex system of motor gases exhaustion through the smokestack.
Generator: diesel Lister Blackstone Marine Limited, of 396HP, provides and distributes the electrical power to the ship.
Desalination machine: removes, through chemical and physical processes, the salts present in seawater turning it in drinkable water. It can produce about 1500 litres of drinkable water per day.