Museu Marítimo de Ílhavo
The Maritime Museum of Ílhavo



Arquivo digital que documenta as campanhas bacalhoeiras desde o início do século XX


Aveiro Lagoon gallery

mmi-1.jpgThis permanent exhibition constitutes a memory of the agro-maritime labour of the Aveiro lagoon. Composed by a vast collection of ethnographic value, this exhibition room shows a harmonious communication between its volumetric architecture and the presence of nine real size boats of the lagoon in it, such as the Moliceiro and the Mercantel, both with their masts and sails almost touching the ceiling.
mmi-1.jpgIn their unique chromatics, the exhibited boats bring to memory the economic activities which have almost disappeared: the gathering of the seaweeds, the production and transportation of the salt, the typical artisanal fishing on the lagoon with fishing gears adapted to former prolific species and still the craftsmanship of the lagoon boats, documented through a re-creation of a typical shipyard of the 40’s.No less significant to enrich the folk art of the lagoon through out the times, is the collection of moliceiro bows, oil paintings on raw cloth, exhibited in this room.