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The Maritime Museum of Ílhavo



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Friends of the Museum of Ílhavo

The history of the Association merges with the history of the Maritime Museum of Ílhavo. The Museum Friends, embodying the old idea of creating the Museum of the “Ílhavos”, began to meet informally in the editorial office of the newspaper “O Ilhavense”, in 1922, to initiate the great task.

Américo Teles, its founder, was the greatest exponent of the embodiment of the idea and of the Organising Committees of the Museum who worked hard until its opening in 1937. In 1941, is formally instituted the “Group of Friends of the Museum”, which however, will only be formalized with new statutes and public deed in 1944, under the name of “Association of Friends of the Museum of Ílhavo” (AMI).
The presidents of the Association’s direction were: Paulo Ramalheira (41/42), Ascensão da Silva Rocha (43/44), Manuel Nunes da Fonseca (47/48), Cesário da Cruz (52/57), Manuel Pio Maia Ramos (58/59), Guilhermino Ramalheira (60/70), António Sarrico Picado (70/73), Célio Salvadorinho (74/93), and since 1994 until nowadays Aníbal Machado Paião.

The Association has 700 members from many parts of the country, from diverse backgrounds and socioeconomic interests, having as main objectives to collaborate with the museum direction in the enrichment of the collection, exhibitions, divulgation, editing publications and stimulate the interest for local and maritime culture, being totally unrelated to any sectarian activity of political, religious or economic nature.

Over these 80 years, must be noted the essential role of AMI in the definition of successive strategies pursued with special emphasis on the redefinition of the main vocation of the Museum, the celebration of maritime culture based on the cod fishing and the lagoon. This identity intersection defines the local community with which we interface. The construction of the magnificent new building as well as the urgent need for a permanent and professional direction was other important causes of the AMI.

Noteworthy is the vast and continued enrichment of the collections, from works of João Carlos Celestino Gomes to maritime thematic painting, the cod fishing collection, the boats of the lagoon room, boat models, nautical instruments, photographic and documental archives, one may assume that the Association is responsible for obtaining a significant part of the Museum collection.

The project “De novo na Terranova”, conceived and coordinated by the Association, in cooperation with the Ambassador of Canada Patricia Marsden-Dole and the Council of Ílhavo (among other agencies) was another important initiative that helped to project the Museum.

The Association continues, as always, available to serve and fight for the sustainability of the Museum, committing itself to participate actively on the construction of the new cycle of the Maritime Museum of Ílhavo in 2012.
The current minimum quota is 12 Euros.
Above this value, each member establishes its annual contribution.
  • Free entrance in the Museum.
  • Reduction of 10% to 20% the price of the publications supported by the Association.
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