Museu Marítimo de Ílhavo
The Maritime Museum of Ílhavo



Arquivo digital que documenta as campanhas bacalhoeiras desde o início do século XX



CIEMar-Ílhavo – Centro de Investigação e Empreendedorismo do Mar
The CIEmar is a subunit of MMI and, by extension, of the Municipality of Ílhavo. Structuring element of the new MMI lifecycle, intends to fulfill a mission of cultural and scientific research to provide the renewal of the cultural project of the museum.
The creation of this research center equipped with archival, technological, and training functionalities, in the culture of the sea, also intends to boost the dynamics of the museum research, expanding it in a creative way and projecting it to larger level.
Housed in the building that results from the expansion and remodeling of the old Preparatory School, next to the MMI, it was imagined as a structure open to a wide community of public establishing synergies with various institutions and cultural and knowledge agents, particularly in articulation with universities and research centers of recognized competence in the maritime area.
The CIEMar-Ílhavo assumes itself as an active organization in the process of local, regional and national development and as a relevant organization to the social validation of maritime dimension.
The CIEMar-Ílhavo consists of four subunits or valences:
CIEMar - research unit in the areas of maritime history, maritime anthropology, maritime geography and multidisciplinary research on contents of material and immaterial heritage represented in the Maritime Museum of Ílhavo.
DocMar - maritime theme archive of extreme importance, allows the development of research projects on maritime topics in general, and memory of the fisheries in particular. The DocMar consists of various archive resources, among which stand out the Special Fund Octavio Lixa Filgueiras, the Fund of the Regulatory Commission of Cod Trade, the collections of several companies of cod-fishing, as well as the entrusted archives of the Administration of the Aveiro Port.
MarInfo/Incubator of companies to produce contents on maritime culture - producing unit of contents on maritime culture, applicable to museums and other cultural, scientific and educational institutions.
ForMarÍlhavo - informal education unit able to socialize great themes of maritime culture and to share research results of CIEMar, together with other agents and institutions.
Travessa Alexandre da Conceição
3830-196 Ílhavo
GPS - N 40.36’15’’ O 8.40’02’’
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