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World Oceans Day 2021

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The oceans are the backdrop for the epic of cod fishing and the life of many Portuguese who depend on them, so the Ílhavo Maritime Museum could not fail to mark the World Oceans Day - a date that aims to raise awareness of the sustainable use of resources that the oceans provide us.
The World Oceans Day is celebrated annually on June 8th, but the Museum will anticipate the celebrations on the Saturday before, June 5th, with a program to "sail" with the family.




A Menina do Mar

By Caixa de Palco Company
10:00 | 17:00
Target audience: families with children aged 5 and up


The son of a fish can paint

Workshop/performance of artistic exploration for early childhood
By Margarida Botelho
10:30 workshop for babies 1-3 years old
15:30 workshop for children 4-6 years old


Discovering Shells

Special tour to the shell collection
11:00 | 16:00


All World Oceans Day actions are free of charge.