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Museu Marítimo de Ílhavo receives painting by João Vaz as a 83rd anniversary gift

2020/08/08 a 2020/08/09
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The Maritime Museum of Ílhavo completed, last Saturday, 83 years of life and, as a birthday present, received a work by João Vaz, entitled “Forte da Barra de Aveiro”, offered by the Association of Friends of the Maritime Museum of Ílhavo.
Now, one of the most valuable pieces in the museum's collection, this oil painting on canvas, from 1913 (dating by stylistic approach), portrays a scene from the local coast and refers to the representation of the Lagoon of Aveiro, one of the themes covered by the painter during his tour of the country. (see more)

In the near future, the work can be seen in the museum lobby, on the way to the auditorium. Previously, he was part of the great exhibition “João Vaz (1859-1931). A painter of Naturalism ”, opened in 2005 at the Casa-Museu Dr. Anastácio Gonçalves, in Lisbon.

João Vaz (1859-1931) was one of the most important precursors of Portuguese naturalism and an illustrious member of the “Grupo do Leão”, of which he was one of the founders (constituted, among other painters, by Silva Porto, Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro and José Malhoa) . A convinced sailor, he established his path in the interpretation of seascapes and from it were some of the most exquisite interpretations of the extensive sands and the Portuguese sea.

The 83rd anniversary of the museum was celebrated last weekend, 8 and 9 August, with a less extensive commemorative program than usual, but with equal quality and meaning, not least because the museum was able to surround itself with its closest friends at the commemorative ceremony.

At this solemn moment, the celebrations for the centenary of the birth of Cândido Teles were signed for 2021 (so allow the circumstances), which already had a preamble in this 83rd anniversary, with the provision of exhibitions, workshops, visits to the territory and places inspiration, contemporary interpretations, projects with schools and partnerships with different entities. 2021 will also be the year for the reopening of the Santo André Ship-Museum, which is in a shipyard for rehabilitation works.

After reopening on July 1, with all the security measures of the Directorate-General for Health and with the seal “Clean & Safe - Cultural Heritage”, awarded by the Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage (DGPC) and Turismo de Portugal, the Maritime Museum of Ílhavo, in July, reached 75% daily occupancy and, in the first days of August, 90%.