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Ílhava, a secular boat - photographs of Etelvina Almeida

2014/01/11 a 2014/05/10
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Photography exhibition of Etelvina Almeida

A boat with bond and name of the people of Ílhavo. According to historical information this boat is referenced from the eighteenth century, having been extinguished in the twentieth century. Inheriting the name of its hometown, this boat was created with the purpose of serving the people in the lagoon and later began to be used in the sea. It was an artifact, a multipurpose tool for all labors. Later migrated to the waters of the rivers Douro and Tejo, being extinguished there, leaving no trace.

Having no physical copy of the boat, some scholars designed and produced a scale model of a prototype based on written documents and on graphical and imagetic records.

The idea of building a model of this secular boat has been fed over the years. In June 2013, the Friends of the Maritime Museum of Ílhavo Association gathered a working group to make this dream come true - rebuid an already lost identity heritage element of the region.

By initiative of this Association the whole project was studied, drawn up, supervised, and paid. Now one can enjoy the beautiful specimen of the Ílhava in the Aveiro lagoon gallery of this Museum.

Built by the waterfront, in Pardilhó, in a traditional shipyard, by a renowed shipbuider, keeping the traditional building process, materials and finishings, trustworthy of the reality of the past.

Presented on January 11, 2014, the replica of the ílhava, a unique piece in museological environment, transmits through constructive system, materials, shape and functional history a set of elements of ethnographic nature identitary of our region.

Immaterial heritage was recovered materialized in this replica. A good example and a contribution to future initiatives to come.

This short photographical exhibition aims to raise awareness through some pictorical notes, of some stages of the construction process of this emblematic boat.

It also intends to transmit moments of rare beauty and enchantment experienced within a shipyard during the construction of a handmade artifact - light, smell, texture, colour, gloss, dust... all these enter deeply in the soul!