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Renovation project of the Maritime Museum of Ílhavo awarded with National prize

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The Maritime Museum of ílhavo has been distinguished with the prize Construir, instituted by the newspaper with the same name, which in 2013 had its sixth edition. Among the five selected projects in the category of Architecture, the winner was the MMI renovation project, designed by the Cabinet ARX Portugal, of the architects Nuno Mateus and José Mateus.It was distinguished as the best public project in the category of architecture.

This magnificent work of architecture and construction, imagined in dialogue with the earlier design of renovation and expansion of the Museum, opened in October 2001 and awarded with several national and international prizes, aimed to give the Museum a Codfish Aquarium and a new space for the collection stocks.It was a daring project and a strategic investment of the municipality of Ílhavo that, besides the recognition of the public who have visited in large numbers, now earned a very honorable and important distinction to encourage other projects of local development  with national impact .