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Arquivo digital que documenta as campanhas bacalhoeiras desde o início do século XX

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Seas and Tides - Photographs of Valdemar Aveiro

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Memories of cod fishing were slow to arise in the public sphere. Stories and images remained stored while mourning lasted. Slowly, when the ark was opened, one after another began to enrich us with stories, feeding an infinitely rich cultural heritage, never revealed in its many chapters of epic drama. Not many cod fishermen built and shared written and visual memories, offering them simultaneously. And few produced them with the narrative boldness used by Captain Valdemar Aveiro, man of many talents, natural of Ílhavo, like almost all the have ruled the ships of the legendary Portuguese cod fishing fleet. Author of four memorial books about the cod fishing , he illustrated them all with expressive photographs taken by him, precious testimonies of life aboard in the northern seas, of the life this man experienced in the sea, always by his rules, stubbornly, from young fisherman to captain, grooving all the seas he encountered, folding and winning.The man and his ship, crewmember of several ships, it is Coimbra, trawler of S. Jacinto Fishing Company to which Valdemar Aveiro remained connected until the present days, the one that more expresses and feels in these thirty-six photographs. From these and many others that he made, evokes cod fishing with trawling nets, portrays fortunate fisheries and days of abundance, the trawling machine digging the Ocean, the men of the deck and the ones of the bridge, the harsh nobility of life in the sea which will always be his.


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