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D. Júlio Tavares Rebimbas. Centenary, exhibition and photobiography

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One hundred years after the birth of D. Júlio Tavares Rebimbas, the Maritime Religious Centre, Ílhavo Maritime Museum’s new equipment, inaugurates a biographical photo exhibition, in which the qualities of an exemplary priest are highlighted, during the committed 16 years as priest in Ílhavo, and as a notably gifted bishop and archbishop, in several dioceses Algarve (1965), Lisboa (1972), Viana do Castelo (1977) and Porto (1982).

The exhibit “D. Júlio Tavares Rebimbas: Centenary, exhibition and photobiography” assembles memories and objects which belonged to the ilhavenses’ dear priest, remaining at the Maritime Religious Centre until August 15th, with free admission.

D. Júlio Tavares Rebimbas was born in Bunheiro, on January 21st, 1922, son of a modest family, near Ria de Aveiro. He found his path at the seminar, where he became a priest.

D. Júlio was passionate about Ílhavo. He was deeply touched by everything that was part of the sea people’s life, as he liked to refer “he spent his entire life building bridges”, in the sense of pontificate. D. Júlio explained that it was something genetic, prone to someone who is born in this region, where “being an amphibian” prevails, one that shares water and land, and where necessarily one learns to be “bridge”.

In Ílhavo D. Júlio bridged the margins, and, in the verticality of his character, talkative and close to the suffered ilhavenses’ hearts due to the sea, he led the people in the reconstruction of their Church, renovation of the liturgical communication and the foundation of social support mechanisms.

D. Júlio Tavares Rebimbas passed away with 88 years, on December 6th, 2010, with his entire life dedicated to the Church, from Portugal’s north to the south. In gratitude, D. Júlio donated to Ílhavo´s Parish is pectoral cross offered in his ordination as Algarve’s bishop, on December 26th, 1996. This piece is currently exposed at the Maritime Religious Centre.


Exhibition held until August 15th 2022, at the Maritime Religious Centre
Free admission