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Arquivo digital que documenta as campanhas bacalhoeiras desde o início do século XX


Exhibition "Heróis do Mar" with staged reading by Quinto Palco

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In this exhibition, by the Quinto Palco, we navigate through the memories of cod fishing: when the trips were made on sailboats – the lugres; when line fishing was made in small boats – the doris, and when the "heroes of the sea" were astounding brave seamen. Through the studies and experiences of the illustrator's creative process and the final illustrations of the book "Heroes of the Sea", one can navigate through the real and the imaginary, through the past and the present and through the religious and the mythological. This is our tribute to all the communities that have afforded their men to great fishing.


Saturday, January 15, 18:00

Exhibition of the illustrations in the book "Heroes of the Sea", illustrated by Sara Bandarra, along with the book excerpts staged reading in different spaces of the Museum, by Associação Quinto Palco.



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Action integrated in the celebration of the Codfish Aquarium 9th Anniversary