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Photography Exhibition "Peixografia" by Vasco Pinhol

2022/01/16 a 2022/05/19
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Over the course of seven years, the underwater photographer Vasco Pinhol accompanied, from within water, the traditional cod fishing campaign along Ålesund, Norway, one of the millenary cod fishing grounds, perhaps the only one in sight of an urban center and the place of origin of the codfish that lives in the Aquarium of the Maritime Museum of Ílhavo. A collection of thousands of photographs, all of them taken if not in adverse conditions, at least in refreshing conditions (the water temperature was often close to zero, with air temperatures of around -10ºC), resulted in a photographic exhibition with a bit of the environment and natural life of the codfish, as well as its artisanal fishing - a kind of the fish biography, which the author called, of course, "Peixografia".


Sunday, January 16, 16:00

Exhibition held until May 19, 2022

Vasco Pinhol started leaving his hometown at the age of 17 and has not stopped yet. He likes the discomfort zone very much, especially the one that can wipe out his luck. Even though he writes, he realized many years ago that it is through photograph that he can show well what is in his head. He has got two sunburned eyes and two salt-scarred hands. He has got two kids, a wife, who is a great woman, and a dog who looks like a wolf. He is happy in a quiet way. If he is not in the water, he stops growing. That's it.

Born in 1962. He has been photographing since 1970, photographing in water since 1980.

1992 Traveling Exhibition on Double Circumnavigation of the Sahara Desert
1992 Sponsored by Nikon Portugal
1996 Collective exhibition, CPAS, Lisbon, Portugal
1996 First published portfolios in several Portuguese magazines.
1996 Sponsored by Colorfoto
1997 Represents Portugal at the First Creative Underwater Photography World Championship in Paris
1998 Photography for the Expo'98 Portuguese official book (including cover)
1998 Represents Portugal at the Underwater Photography World Championship, Norway
2000 Collective itinerant exhibition on the fauna of the Portuguese coast, Portugal
2000 Represents Portugal at the Underwater Photography World Championship, Egypt
2001 Collective exhibition, Sagres, Portugal
2002 First solo exhibition, Norway
2002 Traveling Collective Exhibition, Portugal
2002 Represents Portugal at the Underwater Photography World Championship, France
2002 Solo exhibition, Norway
2003 Collective exhibition, Norway
2004 Portfolio publication in several international photography web-magazines
2005 Portfolio publication in several printed magazines in Portugal
2006 Jury in the Underwater Photography World Championship, Spain
2007 Solo exhibition, Norway
2009 - 2015 Several collective and individual exhibitions in the context of the She Mouse photographers, Portugal
2011 Solo exhibition, "The Trouble with Water" Mãe d'Água Museum, Lisbon, Portugal
2012 Portfolio publication, Expresso magazine - Única, Portugal
2012 Collaboration in various "cadavres exquis" with the painter João Ribeiro
2014 Collaboration with the Jazz composer and musicologist J.C. Sanford – conceptual image for two Jazz CDs with global distribution
2014 Solo exhibition, "O Ser", Portugal
2015 Collective exhibition, "Vitis Vinifera", Oeiras, Portugal
2015 Solo exhibition, "Coisas Parecidas com Outras Coisas", Lisbon, Portugal
2017 Photography Book "A Viagem que Ainda Ninguém Fez"
2018 Photo Book "BacalhauBiblioteket", Norway, in print
2018 Photo Book «Vi Blir Yngre Med Årene», Norway
2020 Collective Exhibition, Alnes, Norway
2021 Exhibition "Em Águas de Bacalhau", Tagus Park, Portugal
2021 Various "exquis cadavres" (video) with the painter Ana Mesquita

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Action integrated in the celebration of the Codfish Aquarium 9th Anniversary