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Visit: Cândido Teles - Costa Nova as you (almost) have never seen it before

Costa nova como nunca a viste 1 772 9999

See Costa Nova as you (almost) have never seen it before - this is the challenge of the next visit "Sentidos de Mar" (Senses of the Sea), a walking tour along the island's beach, with the work of painter and sculptor Cândido Teles in mind. The tour takes us to such disparate scenarios, from the oldest haystack on the Costa Nova to the recent Creative Pier, passing by both the famous striped houses used as vacation homes and the fishermen's residence area further south.

October 3rd, Sunday
Meeting point: Costa Nova Tourism Office


234 329 990 ∙
€5,00 (includes insurance, snack and tour guide)

Limited to 15 participants
Minimum age recommended: 12 years old

This initiative, together with the visit "Ílhavo, paths of devotion to Senhor Jesus dos Navegantes", is part of MMI's program in the scope of the Jornadas Europeias do Património (European Heritage Days).

Sea Senses

An initiative of the Ílhavo Maritime Museum which, on the pretext of the sea, fisheries and communities, provides experiences and visits around the maritime and iconographic heritage of the Municipality of Ílhavo, including the religious one, as well as other less known aspects of the local maritime culture.