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Painting Training: Reinterpreting Cândido Teles

2021/10/01 a 2021/10/31
Forma ao de pintura candido teles site 1 772 9999

In the year that marks the centenary of the birth of Cândido Teles, the Ílhavo Maritime Museum is associated with the Ílhavo Fine Arts Academy with the proposal of a painting training inspired by the work of this artist from Ílhavo.
The training, in which you can try out several techniques, will take place over four sessions at the Academy (located near the MMI), led by André Capote. The sessions will take place during the month of October and have flexible dates and times.


4 sessions on a flexible schedule, during the month of October

Target audience: over 8 years old

€20,00 (material included)