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Arquivo digital que documenta as campanhas bacalhoeiras desde o início do século XX


Exhibition "Transparências da Ria e do Mar"

Candido teles transparencias   site2 1 772 9999

The exhibition "Transparências da Ria e do Mar" (Transparencies of the Lagoon and Sea), by Cândido Teles, resulted from the donation, by the family, of 121 works from the first pictorial period of the artist from Ílhavo. A set of works that reveal the beauty of each and every corner of the Aveiro Lagoon: moliceiros, navies, the Costa Nova beach, and the boats of the "xávega" art, appear splendorously in his works, where he portrays them softly, bringing out from the chromatic palette the shades of blue in contrast with warmer tones, almost watercolor, as if they were transparencies. It returns in 2021 to the temporary exhibition room of the Museum, after the short opening last year.


Saturday, August 7th



Reopening of the exhibition "Transparências da Ria e do Mar"


Action integrated in the commemorative session of the 84th anniversary of Ílhavo Maritime Museum