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The son of a fish can paint

Filho peixe sabe pintar site 1 772 9999

Humans are made of water as Portuguese are made of the Atlantic Ocean. We have the sea within us. It should grow with us the will to know it and to care for it. This is an introduction workshop to the fine arts for babies with their parents that intends to celebrate the ocean as a living place for creation and growth. A room transformed into a sea of paper is at the same time a place to swim and paint, to feel and transform, to laugh and grow! We will explore the grammar of drawing; dots, lines, and spots to the rhythm of sea currents and Atlantic winds. The scales of fish, algae, and the tentacles of anemones will pigment a vivid palette of natural colors. We will paint without plastics, chemicals or additives so that the experience can be synesthetic. The hands and feet will be paintbrush-flippers and the body stamp-tadpole. Dive in... paint... love...

What if at a certain time and place, a group of babies with their families got together for a ritual of sounds, movement and drawing that represents this extraordinary process that is growing up with the sea?


Workshop/performance of plastic exploration for early childhood
By Margarida Botelho

10:30 workshop for babies 1-3 years old
15:30 workshop for children 4-6 years old

Duration: 60 minutes
Limit per session: 10 children

Ticket collection until June 4

Action integrated in the celebrations of the World Oceans Day 2021