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Santo André Ship-Museum returns to Jardim Oudinot

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The Santo André Ship-Museum returned this Monday, January 5, to Jardim Oudinot, in Gafanha da Nazaré, after about seven months of thorough maintenance and rehabilitation work at the Naval Ria Shipyard.

In this first phase of the rehabilitation and requalification of the Ship-Museum work was carried out in all spaces of the ship, with particular emphasis on the holds, accommodation areas, the fishing winch park, the engine room, the exterior railing, the deck, the masts and the bridge, in addition to the total painting, docking and hauling, and the renovation of all electrical components and systems of the ship, among others.

Now, back to its berth, two more phases of interventions follow, which, in the whole project, represent a total investment of over 1.2 million euros: 795,548.01 euros in maintenance works (1st phase), 180,072.00 euros in the reformulation of the exhibition route (2nd phase) and, also, 275,000.00 for the construction of the new reception area.

From this moment on, the interventions that will provide the Ship-Museum with a new proposal and museological narrative, new equipment and new dynamics that will offer new experiences to its visitors will be initiated, with the objective, as stated by the Mayor of Ílhavo, Fernando Caçoilo, "to dynamize and enhance the patrimonial and historical value of the Santo André Ship-Museum that will remain as the subunit of the Ílhavo Maritime Museum (municipal equipment), but acquiring greater autonomy and differentiation".

This way, the Municipality creates new and better conditions for the preservation of the memories of Faina Maior, during the period of the codfish trawling, from the end of the 60's and beginning of the 70's, and dignifies one of the important symbols that the Municipality of Ílhavo has as a reference of its identity and people.

For the accomplishment of the whole process, it will open, after approval in a Town Hall meeting on January 7th, the public contest for the construction of the new reception area for the Ship-Museum, also included in the rehabilitation of the ship and requalifying the surrounding space and the access area.

Fernando Caçoilo hopes that, within the constraints that still exist in the context of the pandemic, the requalification of the Vessel-Museum Santo André may take place by the end of the first semester, allowing this equipment to be accessible to the public next summer.