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Portuguese Sea Challenges Seminar - Climate Change and the Future of the Oceans

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The ninth edition of the Seminar "Challenges of the Portuguese Sea" has as its theme "Climate Change and the Future of the Oceans". With the approach of a theme so relevant to the present, the seminar aims to carry out a deep analysis on the impact of climate change on the sustainability of the sea and to involve maritime communities and the general public in solving the current challenges that the ocean faces. Created in 2012, the Seminar “Challenges of the Portuguese Sea”, has been strengthening its position year after year as a driver of the debate on issues surrounding Portugal's relationship with the sea, disseminating cultural manifestations of a maritime nature and promoting the debate on the multiple perspectives of the sea.

24 October 2020
CIEMar-Ílhavo Seminars
This year, due to the conditions imposed by the rules and guidelines in force for the prevention and mitigation of the pandemic COVID-19, the seminar will be divided into three sessions, in order to safeguard social distance and access to a greater number of participants. Thus, the registration must be made by sessions, being possible to be present in all sessions or only in some.

Registration until October 22
Registration is free and limited to 60 participants per session through the email
(with name, profession, institution and contacts)


10:00 Opening
Mayor of Ílhavo, Fernando Caçoilo

10:30 Session I

The Ocean in retrospect
“Effects of the Small Ice Age on the Portuguese coast in the Modern Period”, Maria da Assunção Araújo (FLUP)

“Ocean pollution in the 16th to 18th centuries: port and urban waste”, Ana Catarina Garcia (CHAM - FSCH / NOVA / UAC)


The Sea and Climate Change
“Causes and effects of acidification and deoxygenation of the oceans”, Rui Rosa (FCUL / MARE)

“Thaw and Coastal Erosion”, Paulo Baganha Baptista (CESAM - UA)


Lunch break

14:30 Session II

Pollution and Safeguarding the Oceans
“Pollution of the oceans by oil products: challenges and opportunities in a climate change scenario”, Lúcia Guilhermino (ICBAS / CIIMAR)

“What we know and still don't know about microplastic pollution: from science to the media”, Filipa Bessa (FCTUC / MARE)


Science Education and Communication through art
“Plasticus maritimus: knowing to protect, educating to change”, Ana Pego

“Não Lixes the continuity of species on the Blue Planet”, Fernando Jorge Paiva (Não Lixes)

“Xicogaivota and the unsecured beaches”, Ricardo Ramos (Xicogaivota)


21:30 Session III

The Ocean and its Sustainability
“The United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030)”, Luís Menezes Pinheiro (CESAM - UA)

“Oceanos” (documentary), Jacques Perrin, Jacques Cluzaud (2009, 104 ”) M / 6


Seminar partners:
Center for Environmental and Sea Studies (CESAM), University of Aveiro
Center for Marine and Environmental Sciences (MARE)
Interdisciplinary Center for Marine and Environmental Research (CIIMAR)
20th Century Interdisciplinary Studies Center (CEIS20), University of Coimbra
Transdisciplinary Research Center "Culture, Space and Memory", University of Porto