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“My Love went to the Sea”: community project with open enrollment

2020/09/14 a 2020/09/22
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“My Love went to the Sea” is a community project inspired by the novel "My love went to the sea ...", by José Geitoeira, published in the newspaper "O Ilhavense", in 1955, and that the Senior Age and the Maritime Museum of Ílhavo are developing, within the scope of the “Seniors through the Window” program, which runs until november.

The first phase of the project started in June, with two weekly meetings (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) at the Maritime Museum of Ílhavo and at the Municipal Forum for the Elderly. The Museum's Educational Service provided the Elderly - seniors who are part of the projects of the Senior Age - moments of conversation and debate, with the sharing of memories of the community about the cod fishing and the lagoon: the works, the experiences and the social portrait time. In addition to exhibition visits, documentary viewing, workshops and various dynamics that aim to deepen the content covered in the text that will serve as the basis for this project. At the Municipal Forum for the Elderly, the arts associated with the cast were developed, the techniques of radio-theater, the theater dynamics and the exercises of singing and body expression, which will culminate in the presentation of the play.

The second phase, scheduled to start on September 12th, will be done through an “Open Call”, in which the invitation will be launched for the community to form an interpretation choir and for the band. The community project is open to participation by all ages, in a perspective of intergenerational community involvement.

The choir will bring a special energy to the piece, assuming an important role in the representation and music, in the different interpretive scenes. The band, on the other hand, will aim to perpetuate the author's message, creating new songs based on his poems. The compositions of the themes are in charge of the musician and composer Fábio Oliveira.

The costumes and props on a maritime theme, will also be produced by the community through workshops organized for this purpose, with a limited number of participants and will take place on 14, 15, 21 and 22 September, at 14:30, at the Maritime Museum of Ílhavo.

Registration for the choir, the band and the creation of props and costumes are open and can be made by calling 234 329 636.