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Creative Writing Workshop with Sandro William Junqueira (SUSPENDED)

Sandro junqueira 1 772 2500 1 772 9999

The idea of this meeting arises from the desire to share experiences and, discover with the participants, through the realization of a set of exercises and games, some of the mysterious mechanisms of writing and imagination. The suggested exercises and games start from different places (letters, words, texts, images) to also shoot to different places. The purpose is that each participant, challenging their creativity, stimulating their imagination, realizes their ideas and writes.

Integrated action on World Water Day

Free registration, but subject to prior registration:
234 329 990 ∙
Target audience: interested in writing and imagination mechanisms
Limited to 14 participants

Program content

Unlock exercises.
Letters, words, phrases: connections, breakdowns.
Work the imagination: exercises.
The conflict.
The mistake, the chance: the discovery, the surprise.
See a millimeter on the side.
Language cleanliness (the banquet and the rest).

Sandro William Junqueira

He was born in 1974, in a country that no longer exists. And he is a failed musician. At eleven he got chickenpox and started to read. It hasn't stopped yet. He regularly works in theater as an actor and director. He published “O Caderno do Algoz” (Caminho 2009), “Um Piano para Cavalos Altos” (Caminho e Leya Brasil, 2012), “No Céu não há Limões” (Caminho 2014), “Quando as Girafas Baixam o Pescoço” (Caminho 2017), A Cantora Deitada ”(Caminho 2015),“ A Grande Viagem do Pequeno Mi” (Caminho 2016) and “As Palavras que Fugiram do Dicionário”(Caminho 2018).

He is the author of the text “Os Anjos Tossem Assim” in PANOS, Culturgest (2014). He contributed a short story to GRANTA magazine (2014). In 2012, he was considered one of the writers for the future by the weekly Expresso. He was also distinguished in several ways: finalist of the Time Out award - Best Book of the Year (2011); finalist of the Correntes D’Escritas Award - (2014); finalist of the APE Romance and Novel Grand Prix - (2014); finalist of the Best Infanto-Juvenil SPA Prize - (2016); finalist of the Best Romance SPA Award - (2018).