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Caesar's Gift - Who goes to the sea does not return to land

2019/11/15 a 2019/11/16
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"Caesar's Gift - Who goes to the sea does not return to land" is a play by Teatro Viriato / CAEV, with original text by Sandro William Junqueira, staged by Giacomo Scalisi and performed by Graeme Pulleyn, Gabriel Gomes and Sofia Moura.

A dinner with fiction-flavoured cod dessert. The family dramas of those who leave to catch fish in distant seas and the dramas of those who remain. It tells the story of Cesar Tróia and his family, and of the cod, the most Portuguese of Norwegian-speaking fish, from the Demo lands between Douro and Dão and the Newfoundland banks of Canada. It is the story of many men and women who were unable to choose their own lives.

In these lands, where the weight of longing is part of being, part of the soul, the reunion has an acrid, bitter, salty taste. The taste of cod. The taste that is part of our history. Our story of hardship overseas where men choose the cold, the fog, the loneliness. And this loneliness is forever within them. Even in a house full of family, they prefer to be alone and only think of returning, seafaring, fishing. Fishing away from the world, fishing away from being. In these lands where the weight of longing is part of us.

"The Gift of Caesar" results from an order and production of the Viriato / CAEV Theater for the Viseu Dão Lafões Cultural Network. Through this network, Teatro Viriato “deconcentrates” its activity to other territories and reinforces the work of cultural cooperation in network with reference programming and artistic creation structures. The premiere of the play outside the Cultural Network for which it was created will take place in Ílhavo, November 15 and 16, integratimg the celebration of National Day of the Sea.

This show is also a board dinner with a special menu. An amazing menu consisting of soup, plate, dessert and of course the wine!

19.30 ~ 22.00

Limited to 60 people (each session)
€ 12.00

Tickets available: Maritime Museum of Ílhavo, Santo André Ship-Museum and the Online Ticket Office here.

Supports: Liporfir and Teka