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Object of October: Water Filter

2019/10/01 a 2019/10/31
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Gravity water filter, cylindrical in glazed ceramic made in England, consists of lid, removable tank and boiler. The lid is bell-shaped, with flap and snap ring, which has three holes on the top and a flat button handle. The removable tank (filter), cylindrical shape, consists of a flap that engages the top of the boiler and is suspended; Inside there are two small handles that serve to remove the filter, since in the center is the diatomite (porous piece that filters the water). The boiler has two ornate side wings and near the base, in the front, has a tap with handle, which was served by water.

The object was donated to the museum by the General Fishing Partnership Company in 1992.


Learn more about this object during the Special Visits at full speed, on October 26 and 27, at the Ílhavo Maritime Museum.