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Argos - Ílhavo Maritime Museu magazine (number 7)

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In a current approach to maritime culture, ARGOS - Ílhavo Maritime Museum Magazine, in its 7th edition, focuses on the relationship between Man and the Ocean.
The various texts brought together here offer plural perspectives on the discourse and cultural and social meanings of the seas and oceans. In a register open to several collaborations of renowned specialists (historians, museologists and scientists of the sea), the historical change of the images that human societies were building on the sea is highlighted.
As Argos is a periodical publication especially devoted to the debate of pressing maritime heritage issues, it is worth noting the tremendous challenge that the global climate crisis and the emergence of the postcolonial paradigm are bringing to maritime museums. The texts that come together here and the seven issues of Argos that have been published can help find a new way.

Editorial | Álvaro Garrido

Cultural and Social Importance of Oceans: Tradition and Transformation | John Hannigan

The perception of the ocean in the Middle Ages. The Iberian uniqueness | Paulo Catarino Lopes

Representations of the Ocean

The Sea in Culture: Refractions of a Europe-Portugal in the Arts | Annabela Rita

The maritime imaginary in the constitution of Portuguese identity | Júlia Tomás

Expressions of religiosity in sea voyages and their representation in Portuguese chronicles of expansion (16th century) | Ana Paula Avelar

William Turner's Seascapes | Maria Manuela Baptista Assunção

Whaling Memories and Heritage Practices in the Azores | Francisco Henriques

Navigation and Ports

Brief outline on the evolution of sailing art | António Manuel Gonçalves

The role of ports in the first globalization | Ana Catarina Garcia

Portuguese expansion and the establishment of new trade routes | Rui Manuel Loureiro

The wrecked cod | Carina Regueiro Muñoz

Ocean Knowledge and Exploration

Jacques Cousteau – The Commander of maritime knowledge | Ana Mateus

Potential of aquaculture in Portugal | Ana Pombo

The viability of the Marine Renewable Energy in Portugal | Ana Faria Lopes e Maria A. Cunha-e-Sá

The regime of marine scientific research, the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission and the negotiation of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. The scientific heritage of Mário Ruivo | Maria Inês Gameiro

Ílhavo Maritime Museum | Investigation

Nautical Officers Class Associations: A retrospective | Pedro Silva

From kitchen to table: A journey through the cooking and serving pieces | José Fidalgo

Museological International Experience

The National Museum of Oman | Jamal Hassan al Moosawi


Visual File

Blue Ocean Expedition | Blue Ocean Foundation

editorial partnership



Presentation at the Portuguese Sea Challenges Seminar - Portugal and the Sea: A New Return

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