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The Maritime Museum of Ílhavo

Portuguese Sea Challenges Seminar:"Portugal and the Sea - A New Return"

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The 8th edition of the Portuguese Sea Challenges Seminar, scheduled for 19th October, has as its theme “Portugal and the Sea: A New Return”. Since 2012, this seminar has been asserting itself in the panorama of maritime culture as a reference event at national level, bringing to the frontline the problems surrounding Portugal's relationship with the Sea. The 2019 edition will address the national positioning towards the oceans, in a vision that goes through the Portuguese historical and cultural legacy, and presents future perspectives regarding environmental sustainability and the blue economy, sensitizing the public to a broad vision about "A New Return".


09:30 Opening session

Fernando Caçoilo, President of the Municipality of Ílhavo
Álvaro Garrido, Consultant of the Maritime Museum of Ílhavo

10:00 Opening Conference

“The Cultural and Social Importance of the Oceans” - John Brannigan (University College Dublin)

11:00 Panel I - Sea, Discoveries and Globalization

“Sea: A Portuguese Design” - Ana Paula Avelar (CHAM-FCSH / NOVA & UAb)
“The role of nautics in the Discoveries” - José Manuel Malhão Pereira (CIUHCT)
“The new port cities and the first globalization” - Ana Catarina Garcia (CHAM - FCSH / NOVA / UAC)

14:00 Panel II - Maritime Literature and Culture

“The ideological production of maritimism in the new state” - Álvaro Garrido (FEUC)
Round Table: “Santareno's work in Portuguese cultural heritage”
Alvaro Garrido | Ana Paula Medeiros | Vicente Batalha | Artur Ribeiro

Visit to the temporary exhibition “The Dream of the Sea”, by Maria Gabriel

16:00 Panel III - Return to the Sea

“Deep ocean: the new frontier of the unknown” - Luís Menezes Pinheiro (CESAM - University of Aveiro)
“Industry 4.0 in the marine environment” - Filipa Saldanha (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation)

17:00 Closing Session

Opening of the temporary exhibition “Ode ao 31 de Janeiro”, by Luís Pavão
Launch of ARGOS 07 - Ílhavo Maritime Museum Magazine
Launch of “O Lugre”, by Bernardo Santareno. E-Primatur Edition


REGISTRATION (free) until October 18th:

Email to with name, profession, institution and contacts


The seminar is credited as a short training (6 hours) for teachers of the 2nd and 3rd cycles of basic and secondary education, upon subsequent registration on the Area Training Center website.


Centro de Humanidades da Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa (CHAM/FCSH)

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

Centro de Estudos do Ambiente e do Mar (CESAM) da Universidade de Aveiro