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The Maritime Museum of Ílhavo

Plastikus - Puppet Theater

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Ondina lives next to the waves of the sea, where they break up and fill with foam the beach. For many, many years, only the foam washed the sand on the beach. And it was here that Ondina played with the pebbles and the foam of the sea. But new objects with extraordinary sounds, colors and shapes appeared in her life and Ondina liked to play with them. They seemed to be a new, very friendly, and so helpful specie who slowly got their way into her life. The more they got close, the more she needed them and without realizing it, the Plastikus became absolutely indispensable. And so it grew, grew, grew in her life and Ondina quickly discovered that he was everywhere! All over the place!

June 1, Saturday
11:30 / 16:00
Plastikus - Puppet Theater

By KRISÁLIDA Cultural Association

Target audience: M/3
Limited to 180 people
Duration approx: 45 min.

Action integrated in the celebration of World Children's Day 2019