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Arquivo digital que documenta as campanhas bacalhoeiras desde o início do século XX


"The Dream of the Sea", by Maria Gabriel

2019/05/18 a 2019/11/03
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The work of Maria Gabriel left indelible marks in the way Portuguese painting represented the great themes of sea culture in the last decades of the twentieth century. In organizing an anthological exhibition of Maria Gabriel's artistic work related to the sea, the Museu Marítimo de Ílhavo reaffirms its cultural vocation and seeks to enrich its collections. In this judicious set of works, in the figurative symbolism they convey and in the unmistakable chromatism that is common to them, the public can find new meanings of maritime, a poetic of the Portuguese sea, today and always universal.

On display until November 3, 2019

Maria Gabriel was born in Lisbon in 1937 and began her activity as a painter and recorder in 1960. She attended the Cooperativa Gravura in 1967. She was awarded a scholarship by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in 1967-68 to develop the technique of carving on wood engraving with orientation of the painter João Hogan. Internships at the Hochschule Für Bildende Kunst in Hamburg. Various activities in the teaching of engraving. Since 1962 he has actively participated in collective exhibitions in Portugal and abroad. National representation to International Biennials. Since 1977, Member of the Technical Council of the National Society of Fine Arts. Grant of the Cultural Development Fund to develop a work of plastic investigation on the texts of the Tragic-Maritime History. 1980 Commissaire the Current Art Collective Exhibition at the Tavares Proença Museum in Castelo Branco. In 1982 illustrates the History of the Man in the Cage and the Red Bird of Teolinda Gersão. In 1986 she writes, in co-authoring with Alice Jorge, Techniques of artistic engraving. In 2001 makes 100 collages for the book of poetry Sequences, of Liberto Cruz. In 2006 organizes the Itinerant Exhibition 50 Years of Portuguese Engraving - Tavira; SNBA; Cupertino Miranda Foundation; Famalicão and Coimbra.