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Gathering "Talking objects" - Tot (horn) *

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Special visit to the museum's stocks. A gathering around the iconic horn, small sized, with hollow interior, so as to be filled with brandy that would be distributed to fishermen of cod fishing.

Gathering "Talking objects" - Tot (horn) *

12 January|Saturday|15:00

Target audience: all

Limited to 15 people


"In the morning, before the maneuver of lowering the dories, it was served by the young man of the chamber to the fishermen who so desired a sip of brandy, which was called horning. For this purpose, traditionally used the measure of the horn, because it is unbreakable and easier to catch with the wool glove. The measure should always be full to overflow, and if the fisherman did not drink it all, he would throw the rest away. So it went from hand to hand, but always clean. If the fishing was good, the mate would order the lad to serve the men a horning during the splitting work that sometimes lasted until night. Generally, the horn was well received and applauded with some grace. [...] "

LOPES, Ana Maria and MARQUES DA SILVA, António, Captain Marques da Silva Collection, Ílhavo, Friends of the Museum of Ílhavo, 2008.

Designed by the Captain Marques da Silva, this object is deposited in the Maritime Museum of Ílhavo since 2008.

Action integrated in the 6th Anniversary of the Codfish Aquarium

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