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Entry of the Portuguese translation of the book "The Sea. A Cultural History" by John Mack

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This work by John Mack, considering that a large part of the world's population lives in or near coastal areas, portrays their multiple involvement with the sea, the diversity of their own seas, maritime technologies, especially the practice of navigation, and the different cultures established around the sea and the sailors, showing how the two spheres, land and sea, are never completely separated.In "The Sea. A cultural history," John Mack refers to the historiography, maritime archeology, anthropology, art history, the biography and literature to carry out an innovative survey of the waters that surround us. The Maritime Museum of Ílhavo has been associated with the edition of this bestseller of the universal literature related to the culture of the sea, that will be available in the main bookstores of the country and also in the bookstore of the Museum.

19 May | Saturday | 16h30
Entry of the Portuguese translation of the book "The Sea. A Cultural History" by John Mack

BookBuilders Edition / Ílhavo Maritime Museum, with preface by Álvaro Garrido

Integrated in the commemorative session of the International Day of Museums 

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Biographical Notes

John Mack is Professor of World Art Studies at the University of East Anglia and one of the most important British anthropologists today. In addition to the book, The Sea - a cultural history (2011), is also author of Museum of the Mind: Art and Memory in World Cultures (2003) and The Art of Small Things (2007). He was curator of the Department of Ethnography of the British Museum (Museum of Humanity) and senior curator of the British Museum in general. His areas of expertise center on the anthropological and artistic study of Africa and the Western Indian Ocean. Since 2009 he is a member of the British Academy.