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"Sea", by Miguel Torga - Community Theater Project - Open applications

2017/01/14 a 2017/01/27
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In the year that the 80th anniversary of its founding is celebrated, the Maritime Museum of Ílhavo marks the International Museum Day with the staging of the text by Miguel Torga, "Sea". Starting from this play, the director Alexandre Sampaio will develop a joint work with the community, which will involve amateur actors, musicians and dancers.

The show
Adapted from the homonymous work of Miguel Torga, published in 1941, "Sea" refers us to the life of a fishing village and the epic cod fishing. Humanistic exhortation, and not far from a dialectic of Eros and Thanatos, this work presents us with aspects of socio-cultural reflection that are important to address. The proximity to the Ilhavense context is great, so we opted to maintain the classical structure of the narrative, working a more contemporary space and a performative character, with the use of audiovisuals and various calls for community participation. It is thus sought to sediment into the collective memory a space shared by many, with a strong image and identity reference, and a heritage that certainly reflects the paths of tomorrow. (Alexandre Sampaio)

The director
Alexandre Sampaio is director, performer, cultural entertainer and trainer in theater and drama. He collaborates with several theater companies and is responsible for community art initiatives. He directed expression workshops in schools and universities, houses of culture, museums, associations and companies. Creative, multidisciplinary, in the last years has also been dedicated to projects in the area of photography, illustration and poetry, with several works edited.

Target Audience
Open to all, men and women, from 14 to 104, with or without theater experience, but willing to create, learn and share experiences in the context of community theater.

The rehearsals are held at Maritime Museum of Ílhavo, between 19h00 and 21h30, between February and May, twice a week (on days to be defined).

Open from 14 to 27 January

Required data: registration form, brief biographical note and description of the motivation for the project

Application form
(Sending by email, mail or delivery to the Museum)

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Action integrated in the commemorative program of the 80th Anniversary of the Maritime Museum of Ílhavo [see more]