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"Being and Becoming" - Photography of Virgílio Ferreira

2016/01/16 a 2016/04/24
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This project was developed during 2013 and is integrated in the 1000 Words Award for European photographers, organized by 1000 Words Photography (UK), in collaboration with Cobertura Photo (Spain), Atelier Visu (France), and in partnership with Magnum Photos.
Becoming is a concept derived from philosophy which considers change in itself as process and a transition from one state to another. It refers to the transformation and changes in one's way of being. Change is inevitable and an essential part of the world.

This body of work is about Portuguese Emigration. Around the world today there are more than 4.5 million Portuguese people living outside Portugal. According to some social scientists, this national phenomenon of emigration has had a pivotal role and great impact in Portuguese society, while assuming different expressions and effects. Many did it for political or cultural reasons, or the spirit of discovery, but essentially the main motivation was looking of better opportunities, economic and social.
In this series I was interested on ideas of hybrid identity, by exploring concepts of the third space and the Old and the New, the polarity of living in-between cultures, languages and borderlines. According to some scholars, the third space is an interaction and articulation between two or more cultures and languages. The Old and the New are states of being, and negotiations between social, national, geographic and linguistic spaces. Homi Bhabha claims that these negotiations are ‘the process of cultural hybridity’ which ‘‘gives rise to something different, something new and unrecognizable, a new area of negotiation of meaning and representation.”
Emigrants are Beings in motion in this New “socio-and-geo-cultural” context and they are located in the territory between the “Old which is part of them and the New which is becoming part of them”. My aim was to explore photographically these complex intersections, by dealing with feelings and ideas of difference or strangeness, memory, identity and mobility.

Virgílio Ferreira

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