Museu Marítimo de Ílhavo
The Maritime Museum of Ílhavo

Photography Exhibition "A Night at the Sea", by Alfredo Cunha

2018/05/19 a 2018/09/30
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This work of Alfredo Cunha, photographer of many talents, humanizes the crew of the trawlers, exalts their gestures and reestablishes the harmony of the navigating machines with the fish hunters. In a great photojournalist's register, intuitive and experienced in multiple places of photography and life, Alfredo Cunha registered in his own way "A Night at the Sea". One night before the S. João, he boarded the trawler "Henrique Cambola" and left Matosinhos in search of good seas. Accustomed to hostile environments, he became a fisherman and crewman for hours and photographed the night's pewter water. He registered the gestures of the master and the fishermen, cursing among themselves, raising their nets and shaking the fish, which resulted in this unprecedented exhibition of 40 photographs organized by the Maritime Museum of Ílhavo and in an extraordinary catalog.

Opening: May 19 | Saturday | 16h30
Entry of catalog and guided tour to the exhibition, with Alfredo Cunha and Aníbal Lemos

Free admission

Integrated in the commemoration of the International Day of Museums