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The Maritime Museum of Ílhavo

Object of the month: Zagaias, zagaíns e zip-zips

2018/04/01 a 2018/04/30
Zagaia1 1 772 2500 1 772 9999

Zagaias, zagaíns and zip-zips are leaded pieces, some with a fuselage shape, others of zoomorphic appearance, similar to small fish, that could be melted in the forge of the shipping companies or on board the fishing vessels. At one end they all had double or triple hooks, at the other extreme it was common to be equipped with spinners or suevles to which the fishing line joined. In general, used as a false bait in the cod fishery were scraped by the fisherman himself, so that the piece of lead was bright and appealing to the voracious appetite of cod.

“[…]Vão-se passando as horas, lá se vê o pescador, de pé, ora zagaindo, em movimentos bruscos, ora pescando à linha, movimentos suaves, lentos, os anzóis iscados com pedaços de cagarra, ainda melhor os painhos, ou com os moluscos encontrados nos buchos do bacalhau.[...]”

In LOPES, Ana Maria e MARQUES, Francisco, Faina Maior – A pesca do bacalhau nos mares da Terra Nova, 3ªedição, Amigos do Museu Marítimo de Ílhavo, 2015.