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The Maritime Museum of Ílhavo

New Sights Lumière - Short films competition

2017/01/14 a 2017/04/13
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Under the Sea Film Festival (see more), are open applications to the short film competition "New Sights Lumière", directed to young people from 12 to 35 years. In this first edition, the competition has the theme "Perspectives on the sea and the lagoon: hopes and anxieties. All works with a duration up to two minutes, with a single plan, soundless, without physical or optical camera moves, fictional, documentary, or both recordings produced in the previous year or in the year of the current Sea Film Festival. The reception of the works will be until April 3. Applications may be individual or collective. Each candidate may submit up to two works to the competition. The prizes are awarded to three different age groups, ranging from 100 to 350 euros. The jury of the competition consists of three personalities known for their cinephilia.

The name given to the competition due to the pioneering spirit that the Lumière brothers had in the development of cinematic look at the world around them, having left a remarkable set of short films, the "Sights Lumière". The "sights", or "animated photographs" as they were initially known in Portugal, were single-plan films, usually without physical movement of the camera, for about 30 seconds, and of course without synchronous sound, which would only appear in 1927 "These sights" would be the forerunners of current films, a documentary genre that will have a strong development before the appearance of television.