Museu Marítimo de Ílhavo
The Maritime Museum of Ílhavo

Exhibition "Meia Laranja" of Hermano Noronha

2016/11/19 a 2017/04/02
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Those who know Praia da Barra, in Ílhavo, and who have already crossed the sea wall of the Half Orange with rough wind, understands well the cultural density and the semiotic load of this expression. In the local imaginary and of all the Aveiro lagoon region the images associated with the place remain alive and forceful: the schonners, with open cloth sailing out the bar, slender and imposing, and the fishermen's women, running and waving at the sea wall in copious cries. From Ílhavo, Gafanhas, Murtosa, Nazaré, competing in longing, like widows of living. In the longed-for return, the reactions were the same and the drama was even greater. Following previous works in which he expressed his artistic concern for the meta-narratives of Portuguese society - traumatic memories, which fluctuate between exaltation and repression -, Hermano Noronha was again drawn by the memory of the colonial wars. This time the war in Africa is invoked in its mythical relationship with cod fishing. This is the nodal point of the project and this is the liberating exorcism that the artist proposes to us.

Open until April 2, 2017
Temporary exhibition hall of the Maritime Museum of Ílhavo

Catalog of the exhibition to be launched at the Photography Book Fair of Lisbon, on November 27 (Sunday), at 19h00, at the Municipal Archive of Lisbon.

Hermano Noronha | Biography

Hermano Noronha (1967) holds a master's degree in Contemporary Artistic Creation, by the University of Aveiro, post-graduate in Photography, Design and Contemporary Art, by IPI-Atelier de Lisboa and a degree in Physical Education and Sports. In 2015 he was finalist at the International EL Awards 2015 - Image Encounters, being selected as CreArt artist for the European Exhibition of 2015, with the project "Aveirense". In 2014 he receives the Stock Exchange Image Mora 2014  and starts the project "Presente", also attending the course "From Idea to the Project" under the guidance of Virgílio Ferreira at the Côa Museum. In the same year he is also invited to the Scientific and Artistic Coordination of the Art Residence "Living in Art 2014 - Field of Studies", of the Robinson Foundation. In 2013, he participated as an Emerging Photographer in the  Project "Entre Margens", promoted by Museu do Douro Foundation and the Kameraphoto Collective .... In 1990, he began working as a photographer in AI Magazine - International Amnesty, in the Portuguese section.